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Dictaphone 2740 Legal Transcriber (Reconditioned)

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Dictaphone 2740 Legal Transcriber (Reconditioned)

Reconditioned with 6 months warranty

This Is a Legal Transcriber.
It is designed to transcribe legal tapes that contain a speech timing track.
The timing track is not reproduced. This makes transcription much easier


Fully featured for practical transcription. Uses standard / compact cassette tapes.

Adjustable playback speed control - Allows the typist to alter playback speed depending on typing speed and ability.
· Real time Tape Counter - Helps in finding specific parts of the tape.
· Backspace facility - When the play pedal is depressed, playback commences. When the pedal is release, the machine will automatically rewind. The rewind operation is governed by a slide control with a range between 0 - 10 seconds.
 · Complete with - Headset, Foot pedal and Power supply.

Brand: Dictaphone 2740