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Philips LFH725 Mini Cassette Desktop Dictation Kit (Reconditioned)

Our Price: £159.99
Philips LFH725 Mini Cassette Desktop Dictation Kit (Reconditioned)

Reconditioned with 6 Months Guarantee

Comes Complete with Microphone and Power Supply

The Philips LFH 725 is a minicassette desktop dictation kit incorporating a hand-help microphone with 4-position switch for one-handed operation. A sensitivity switch lets you select the optimum recording level and an index tone lets you prioritise documents. A large LCD display shows all the information you need.

  1. LCD counter
  2. Indexing
  3. gain control
  4. sensitivity switch
  5. End of letter indexing
  6. dimensions: 135 x 232 x 50 mm
  7. weight: 1.15 kg
Box content
  1. 725 desktop minicassette unit
  2. 276 microphone
  3. 155 power supply
Brand: Philips