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Philips LFH730 Mini Cassette Desktop Dictation Kit (Reconditioned)

Our Price: £159.99
Philips LFH730 Mini Cassette Desktop Dictation Kit (Reconditioned)

Reconditioned with Six Months Guarantee

This is a top of the range machine. It has been reconditioned to the highest standards and is fully guaranteed.
It comes complete with Power Supply & Microphone.
!!<<strong>>!!It will record Telephone Conversations direct from the phone line using our special adaptor.!!<</strong>>!! (Please see Telephone Recording Device, in our Accessories Section)
It has a large digital display and has controls for, volume, speed and tone.
!!<<strong>>!!This machine also has auto reverse. !!<</strong>>!!This means that continuos recording of up to 1 hour can be made.
Sound can be played through the Microphone or Loudspeaker.
This is a Mini Cassette Machine

This is a current Model and has a suggested selling price of £499 +VAT

Brand: Philips