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Philips LFH9294 Barcode Module (Reconditioned)

RRP: £249.99
Our Price: £49.99
Philips LFH9294 Barcode Module (Reconditioned)

Reconditioned with 6 Month Guarantee

Barcode Module Only (Fits Philips 9260 and Similar)
The barcode module is a unique solution to link client or patient data to a recording file simply by scanning a barcode. 

The highly compact integrated laser scanner is designed to snap into the Pocket Memo digital recorder. Important patient or client information is retrieved by simply scanning the related barcode, thus minimizing the risk of incorrect data assignment.

Key Features
360-degree sound pick-up for optimal recording
High recording quality in DSS, MP3 and PCM format
Extendable solution for increased recording range
Innovative meeting microphones for suberb recording qualitying times and also easy charging via the USB connection.

Easy to experience
Scan client/patient barcode information directly to the dictation
Increase documentation accuracy when barcode information is scanned directly into the file
Designed around you
Equipped with integrated 64 MB memory for up to 16 hours of recording time
Reads barcodes up to 25 cm / 10 " distance
Supports barcode information of up to 30 digits

Brand: Philips
MPN: LFH9294